Teaching in the Winter Term 2023/2024

  • Master’s level:
  • Bachelor’s level:
    • Labor Economics


All courses will take place in person. Please send me an e-mail in case you have questions.



I am always happy to supervise Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in the areas of labor economics, economics of education, and economics of innovation. If you are interested in writing your thesis in one of these areas, please send me an e-mail so we can discuss potential topics and my availability.

Note that you need to be an economics major or show proof of having taken several economics courses beyond the compulsory modules to write a thesis under my supervision.

Topics of recent graduates include:

  • Green Innovation in the Automotive Industry (Master’s thesis)
  • The Impact of Technology on the Labor Market
  • Peer Effects in the Workplace
  • Leisure Value and Labor Supply
  • The Impact of Patents on Follow-On Innovation
  • Classroom Peer Effects of Immigrants: New Empirical Approaches (Master’s thesis)

For some guidance on how to write your thesis, see this PDF (English) or this PDF (German).


Past Teaching at FAU

  • Summer Term 2023: Master’s course „Economics of Innovation
  • Summer Term 2023: Master’s seminar „Economics of Human Capital“
  • Winter Term 2022/23: Bachelor’s course „Labor Econonomics“
  • Winter Term 2022/23: Master’s course „Labor Markets in the Knowledge Economy“
  • Summer Term 2022: Master’s course „Economics of Innovation
  • Summer Term 2022: Master’s Seminar „Economics of Human Capital“
  • Winter Term 2021/22: Master’s course „Labor Markets in the Knowledge Economy“, Syllabus
  • Winter Term 2021/22: Bachelor’s course „Labor Econonomics“, Syllabus
  • Summer Term 2021: Master’s Seminar „Economics of Human Capital“, Course website
  • Summer Term 2021: Master’s course „Economics of Innovation„, Syllabus
  • Winter Term 2020/21: Master’s course „Labor Markets in the Knowledge Economy“, Syllabus
  • Winter Term 2020/21: Bachelorseminar „Herausforderungen der Wissensgesellschaft“, Syllabus
  • Summer Term 2020: Master’s course „Economics of Innovation“, Syllabus
  • Winter 2019/20: Proseminar „Experimente und Quasi-Experimente in der Arbeitsmarktökonomik“ (Campus Erlangen): Details
  • Winter 2019/20: Bachelorseminar „Herausforderungen der Wissensgesellschaft“: Details
  • Winter 2019/20:  Master’s course „Panel- and Evaluation Methods“